• An advance in electronic publishing could make the ebook you

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    细节理解题。根据最后一段中He said, “If I’m reading, I will do the noise in my head. I don't need someone to tell me what tea cups clinking sounds like. That would irritate me.”可知他说:“如果我在看书,我会在脑子里制造响声。我不需要有人告诉我茶杯叮当的声音是什么样的。那会激怒我的。”由此可知,Stuart MacBride在阅读时想象与故事有关的声音。故选

  • Humans really do have a sixth sense that lets us detect magn

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    词义猜测题。根据上文Professor Reppert’s team used wild fruit flies, replacing their version of cryptochrome with the human equivalent, and then put them in a maze with each wing wrapped in a metal coil. They then sent electricity through可知Reppert的研究小组使用野生果蝇,用人类的蛋白隐

  • Supporting Others We’re always being told that the secret t

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    由下文“当别人正试图处理疾病或者搬家的时候,只是说一句“有什么能帮你的吗?”就是一种极大的支持。”可知,C选项“询问需要什么支持并提供一个实际的。”符合语境,选项中“Ask what support is needed”与下文“just saying, “What would help you today?””相呼应。故选C。

  • I have grown up with pictures and shapes. Ever since I was a

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    考查动词词义辨析。句意:当我进入二年级时,我对这些形状的记忆也随着我增长。A. connected连接;B. changed改变;C. grew生长;D. stuck坚持。从空前的“As I entered the second grade, my memorization”可知,这些记忆一直跟着作者。grow意思是“生长”,这里指早期的记忆一直伴随自己。故选C。

  • Reading a book can open the door ___36___ a wonderful new wo

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    考查动词时态和主谓一致。句意:获奖书籍是由每年都有变化的委员会选出的,挑选获奖者的过程需要整整一年的时间。根据后文“from year to year”可知从句用一般现在时,且定语从句中谓语动词的单复数形式与先行词保持一致,先行词为committee,故从句谓语动词用第三人称单数。故填varies。

  • 53. With a speech _________(发表,宣布,讲) the white-haired pro

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  • 65. 对于这件事造成不便,请接收我们的道歉。(定语从句)(汉译英)

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    【详解】考查祈使句、时态和定语从句。根据句意用祈使句;句中先行词为inconvenience ,在定语从句中作宾语,所以用关系代词which、that或省略。根据句意,从句用现在完成时。故翻译为Please accept our apologies/ apology for the inconvenience (that/ which) this matter has caused.

  • 66. 假定你是李华,你校学生会招聘志愿者,接待来访的国外中学生。请

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    【点睛】[高分句型1] Learning that you are recruiting some volunteers to receive the visiting foreign students, I’d like to apply for the job. (运用了现在分词作状语以及that引导宾语从句)
    [高分句型2] What’s more, I have also taken part in several such activities, which equips me with ri

  • Five interesting sports Our most unusual sports from around

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    38.C【解析】细节理解题。根据Caber Toss中的信息In this sport, players compete to throw a large piece of wood called a caber as far as they can. There is no rule about the size of the caber, but it’s usually the size of a small tree.在这项运动中,选手们要比赛把一大块叫做“木棒”的木头扔到尽可能远的地方。没有关于

  • What will astronauts(宇航员)eat when a space trip takes years?

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    What will astronauts(宇航员)eat when a space trip takes years? 41.C【解析】细节理解题。根据第一段和第二段“What will astronauts eat when a space trip takes years? ‘Lots of fresh vegetables, ’ says Dr. Janet Williams, whose team have spent the last 10 years learning how to grow plants in a space station”可知是在太空种植植物是为了给太空旅行提供食物。故选C。

  • Our parents are important people in our life. They are our f

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    34.B【解析】题意:如果你有问题该怎么办?细节理解题。根据原文When you are in trouble or meet some sad things, you can ask your parents for help and advice可知,如果遇到了问题,可以去找父母求助。B选项Ask your parents for help“向你的父母求助”符合题意,故选B。

  • ①Chemistry is everywhere in our daily life. Sometimes it's

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    35.D【解析】主旨大意题。文章主要讲述化学物质在日常生活中的用途和作用。可概括为Chemistry in everyday life。故选D。

  • The traditional Chinese calendar divides the year into 24 so

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    44.A【解析】细节理解题。根据“Great Heat is a season of harvesting(收割) ... it's important to harvest and plant in time.”可知,大暑是收获和种植的重要时间,故选A。

  • Do you like Physics or Chemistry? Matter (物质) is always ch

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    38.A【解析】推理判断题。根据第一段“If a material goes through a physical change, it is still the same material. During a chemical change, one kind of matter changes into another completely different kind of matter. For example, when we burn wood or cook fish, materials

  • Wild beavers (河狸) are back! Experts say that the wild beav

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    29.C【解析】细节理解题。根据最后一段“Beavers aren't the only animals…red squirrels were brought back…the world's rarest duck, the Madagascar pochard, is making a comeback”可知,文中一共提到了三种被重新引入到野外的动物,分别是河狸、红松鼠和马达加斯加麻鸭。故选C。

  • Part of Earth's beauty comes from its oceans. Ocean scientis

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    34.C【解析】推理判断题。根据第四段“scientists can prevent this breakup of ships by predicting when the water will be too dangerous for people and their ships. The study of waves and the ocean also allows scientists to make sure how certain beaches were formed.”通过海洋的研究,科

  • You might not think much about where your garbage goes. But

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    32.【解析】推理判断题。根据For example, if you put an old battery into the "harmful waste" bin, people can use it to make new batteries. But if you don't, the battery will end up somewhere else. Then, it will pollute the environment. 例如,如果你把一个旧电池放入“有害废物”箱,人们可以用它来制

  • Mobile phones are one of the most useful inventions of the l

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    42.D【解析】推理判断题。根据“The theory is that the radiation (辐射) given off by mobile phones does great harm to bees' navigation systems (导航系统). ”和“ But recently, thousands of bees have failed to find their way home.”可知,这个理论说手机的辐射让蜜蜂找不到回家的路,故选D。

  • Once there were many thousands of Gourma Desert (沙漠) eleph

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    29.B【解析】推理判断题。根据最后一段“Luckily, the voice of MEP was heard. More organizations (组织) have joined together to educate the local people that trading elephants is against the law. Elephant poaching has dropped to a very low level. The local people have learned

  • How would you like to build a time machine? Paper, sticks, g

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    32.A【解析】细节理解题。根据“One Chinese story tells how soldiers put noise makers on kites and flew them at night over the enemy camp. The enemies were frightened by the noise and ran away.”可知,根据一个中国故事所说,军队使用风筝让敌人在恐惧中离开。故选A。