When I was growing up, there was a pizza shop right down the street from me, The pizza shop was 2

第一节 完形填空(共20小题:每小题1.5分,满分30分)
When I was growing up, there was a pizza shop right down the street from me, The pizza shop was    21    by a Chinese woman who opened the place around 11:00 a. m. and closed it around midnight every day. The food was good, and its    22    were a right size. As far as I knew, the menu never    23   . The woman would take a(n)    24    and then return to the kitchen and make it while the customer stood    25    at the counter.
One day the woman    26    the pizza shop to a man. The man    27    on running the pizza shop with his wife. I was around fifteen and one day I went inside the pizza shop and began talking with the new owners. Within minutes of my starting the    28    , the man and his wife offered me a(n)    29    They’d printed many paper menus and they wanted me to hang them on the doors in the area.
I enjoyed the work as it was fun. As I did this with them one Sunday afternoon, they told me about how    30    the Chinese woman had been. They told me she used too expensive cheese. They were planning to stop    31    chicken because chicken was expensive and pizza was really    32    to make. They were    33    the business was going to be a cash cow for them.
As I listened to all this, I decided these people must be very smart.    34    , within several months, they were out of    35    completely, and the pizza place sat there vacant for over a year    36    it was turned into flooring store. The new owners thought only about how the business could    37    them, and how they could reduce    38    to fatten their own wallets. This is why they ended up    39    . After all, everyone loves people and businesses that are more    40    with serving others than themselves.
21.A.purchased B.expanded C.operated D.frequented
22.A.populations B.portions C.measures D.surroundings
23.A.improved B.extended C.worsened D.altered
24.A.order B.chance C.walk D.dish
25.A.resting B.admiring C.waiting D.observing
26.A.transferred B.sold C.referred D.donated
27.A.focused B.went C.insisted D.planned
28.A.trade B.argument C.discussion D.deal
29.A.recommendation B.job
C.assignment D.reward
30.A.stupid B.intelligent C.awkward D.hardworking
31.A.preparing B.buying C.serving D.consuming
32.A.swift B.cheap C.interesting D.convenient
33.A.worried B.lucky C.hopeful D.sure
34.A.Instead B.Additionally C.However D.Consequently
35.A.business B.sight C.place D.control
36.A.Unfortunately B.Instantly C.Suddenly D.Eventually
37.A.influence B.benefit C.promote D.involve
38.A.costs B.bills C.prices D.ingredients
39.A.declining B.quitting C.failing D.compromising
40.A.satisfied B.concerned C.patient D.familiar
第一节 完形填空(共20小题:每小题1.5分,满分30分)
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