17. The pizza here tastes _____________ (美味的) than that in Lianshui ____________ (机场).

期中专项 Unit 2
 班级________________ 姓名_________________ 学号_________________
1. What a _______________ (极好的) time we had _____________ (travel) around the world!
2. She ______________ (想念) that _____________ (高山) in her hometown from time to time.
3. It’s dangerous to drive at high _____________ (速度) on crowded roads.
4. Our school is only ten minutes’ bus _______________ (乘坐) from my home.
5. These _______________ (卡通片) characters were eating _______________ (馅饼).

6. Was there a  _______________ (魔法) show in this year’s Spring Festival Gala?
7. Mrs. Wang_______________ (感觉到) the earthquake while he was having dinner.
8. Mrs. Liu bought a _______________ (两件事物) of cups for the twin brothers.
9. They’re enjoying _______________ (them) playing on that _______________ (沙滩).
10. You don’t have to buy the ticket to the film. It has been____________ (结束) for 30 minutes.

11. Rose _______________ (marry) Jack recently. Do you know the news?
12. The fish have been ______________ (die) for a long time. We can’t buy them.
13. You can go to Jiuzhaigou in any season _______________ (除了) winter.
14. My father does ____________ (busy) with Italians. He ______________ (be) to Italy twice.
15. This is the _____________(直达的) bus from my home to school.

16. It’s only an hour’s _______________ (fly) to Beijing from here.
17. The pizza here tastes _____________ (美味的) than that in Lianshui ____________ (机场).
18. We should remember the main _______________ (要点) of the English lesson.
19. We couldn’t visit our friends and _____________ (亲戚) during the Chinese New Year this    because of the virus.
20. Tony _______________ (买) this nice watch since he _______________ (be) a young boy.
(    ) 21. Sandy is going to see __________ in New York.
       A. the Statue of Liberty                   B. Big Ben
       C. the Little Mermaid                   D. the Great Wall
(    ) 22. I have many hobbies, _______ dancing, singing and swimming.
       A. for example      B. because of       C. such as               D. instead of
(    ) 23. The girl found her cat ________ in the snow. In fact, it is an hour since it _________.
         A. died; dead           B. dead; died         C. is dead; died        D. is dying; dead
(    ) 24. Nobody except Alice and Christine _________ to go for a picnic this weekend.
       A. wants               B. want            C. are wanting            D. has wanted
(    ) 25. --- Have you ______ Xiamen before?   --- Yes. I ______ there 3 years ago.
         A. been to; have gone                       B. gone to; have been    
       C. been to; went                               D. been in; went
26. I saw Sandy going to school in a hurry at that moment. (改为同义句)
 I saw Sandy ______________  ______________ school at that moment.
27. Miss Ji prepared some snacks for the children yesterday. (改为同义句)
Miss Ji ____________ some snacks ____________  ____________ the children yesterday.
28. We had a fantastic time during our trip to Sanya. (改为同义句)
    We ___________  ___________ very much during our trip to Sanya.
29. There may be some rain next week. (改为同义句)
   ___________  ___________  ___________  ____________ a little rainy next week.
30. The soldier left home 10 years ago. (改为同义句)
   The soldier __________  ___________  ___________  ___________ home for 10 years.

31. They have been in the football team for two years. (改为同义句)
   They ______________ the football team two years ago.
   They ______________  ______________ of the football team two years ago.
   They have been ______________ of the football team ______________ two years ago.
32. When did you borrow the bike? (改为完成时态)
   ______________  ______________ have you ______________ the bike?
33. 我哥哥经常乘坐直达飞机去加拿大出差。
      My brother often ____________________________ Canada ______________________.
34. 在寒冷的下雪天,我们可能需要七个半小时到西安。
    ________________________, we may need _________________________ to reach Xi’an.
35. 过山车高速运行,在那天结束时我们都感到非常累。
   The roller coaster moved _________________. We all felt tired________________ the day.
36. 我跟着他们跑,一直不停地拍照片。
    I ___________________ them and couldn’t _____________________________________.
37. 在每年的那个时候,他喜欢去海滨城市或参观中国园林。
    ___________________, he likes going to ______________ or visiting ________________.
38. 我认为他不会在下午晚些时候把钱还给我。
  I don’t think he ___________________ the money to me ___________________________.
39.  ---Lisa去哪儿了?我到处在找她。
    ---Where___________________________? I am looking for her everywhere.
    ---Don’t you know it? In fact, she ______________________Beijing since two days ago.
40.  昨天下午我叔叔在湖边钓鱼很开心,他觉得这是一天中最好的部分。
     My uncle had a good time ________________________ yesterday afternoon. He thought it was _________________________________.
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