I come from a broken family that many would consider"abnormal"at the very least:marriages.

第一节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)
I come from a broken family that many would consider"abnormal"at the very least:marriages.
divorces,etc.And that is where this story 41.
My sister Jeanne and I were born only 14 months apart,but by the time we were teenagers we had lost 42.By age 15.I had moved away from our home in Wisconsin to live on my father's restaurant in Virginia.Later,Jeanne got married and 43 in Chicago.We lived separate lives in separate states,and our connection somehow 44.
Fast-forward about nine years.I was 24 and on a 45 with my fiance to New York City,a place I had never been,to see the 46.We went to the Statue of Liberty,Chinatown,and several Manhattan clubs.I had never seen so many taxicabs in one spot in all my life.It was overwhelming.
During a day of sightseeing,we were crossing a very busy street 47 with people when I suddenly heard my name 48 from somewhere behind me:"Cheryl!"I 49 in my steps in the middle of the road.Tears 50 immediately in my eyes.I knew without a doubt that it was my sister Jeanne.I yelled back 51 even turning to look:"Jeanne?”
It was her."Oh my God!"I screamed,and I began 52 people out of my way to get to her. The crowd started to 53.And there we were,standing in the middle of a Manhattan street,facing each other and smiling.I couldn't believe it.
I later asked how she'd known it was me-she never saw me!She said it was my 54.1 wouldn't say my laugh is all that unusual,but I guess to a family member it's 55.It hits your heart and resonates(回响)in your mind.
Since that time,my sister and I have never been 56.We both moved back to Wisconsin. We talk 57.Many years have passed,and we are now in our 50s.But our meeting 58 wasn't just a sign.I see it as more of a lesson,a 59 not to lose touch with loved ones.After our sister- to-sister 60,I don't plan to let that happen again.
41.A.ends B.begins C.develops D.appears
42.A.memory B.chance C.touch D.parents
43.A.settled B.drove C.walked D.promoted
44.A.reconnected B.happened C.occurred D.ended
45.A.boat B.flight C.trip D.business
46.A.clubs B.taxicabs C.markets D,sights
47.A.loaded B.faced C.equipped D.occupied
48.A.spelled B.yelled C.whispered D.announced
49.A.accelerated B.froze C.hesitated D.shocked
50.A.went out B.got off C.welled up D.fell down
51.A. when B.after C.before D.then
52.A. dragging B.commanding C.winding D.pushing
53.A. part B.crowd C.depart D.gather
54.A. clothes B.laugh C.face D.age
55.A. picky B.different C.infectious D. extraordinary
56.A. forgiven B.forgotten C.regretted D.separated
57.A. daily B.arrogantly C. annually D.rarely
58.A. by chance B.by design C. in time D.on time
59.A.class B.reminder C.suggestion D.souvenir
60.A. yell B.accident C. meeting D.miracle
完形填空41~45BCADC   46~50DABBC     51~55CDABC    56~60DAABD
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