A couple of weeks ago, my grandfather was explaining his favorite expression, “Nothing is ever easy.

A couple of weeks ago, my grandfather was explaining his favorite expression, “Nothing is ever easy.” The following day, as I tried to complete my work, I happened to notice a big bee on the skylight. It was particularly high up, but I thought removing it would take no more than 5 minutes. An hour later, the bee still remained. All that had changed was that the living room was a mess and that I was dizzy from looking up into the sunlight. I didn't expect to waste an hour on an insect so tiny, but by doing so, I understood what my grandfather meant.
It is not only time that we tend to underestimate - we don't account for unexpected costs. We often imagine what can work in our favor, but we seldom think of all the negative things that can affect us. However, it is important to remember that your day or week or year may not go as planned, and that is completely normal. It is perfectly acceptable to feel challenged - even at a task you thought was simple - because that is part of life.
If you accept that nothing will ever be easy, then life may seem slightly more manageable. In middle school, I thought high school might be easier because I could choose the classes I wanted to take. In high school, I thought college might be easier because I could have a schedule best suited for myself. Yet each time, I was both wrong and disappointed. After accepting that school wouldn't be easy, I found myself with a more positive attitude and improved results.
Of course, there should be preparations made to account for expenses or time. Doing so can help you achieve your goals in a better way. However, there is no need to beat ourselves up when something stands in our path. Maybe we cannot see the bee coming our way, but we can always give ourselves extra time to catch it.
28. Why did the author mention his experience of removing a bee?
A. To show the unexpected costs it caused.
B. To share something unforgettable with us.
C. To tell us how easy it is to waste our time.
D. To lead us to what the author learned from it.
29. Why do things often turn out to be different from what we expect?
A. Unexpected things can happen.
B. It is quite easy to feel challenged.
C. We don't often take time seriously.
D. We haven't enough energy to control them.
30. Why does the author mention the bee once again in the end?
A. To show how upsetting it is.
B. To link back to the beginning.
C. To warn us to catch it anyhow.
D. To use it as a reminder of valuing time.
31. What is the author's purpose in writing this passage?
A. To encourage us to make more efforts.
B. To persuade us not to expect things to be easy.
C. To explain how to make preparations for the bad.
D. To tell us what to do when something gets in our way.
28.D 29.A 30.B 31.B
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