We all know vacations (假期) are good for our health. But which kind of vacation is better: one long

 We all know vacations (假期) are good for our health. But which kind of vacation is better: one long vacation or several short ones? Here is information from research studies about the benefits (好处) of each kind of vacation.
The benefits of a long vacation
International travel has big benefits. For example, people who travel abroad are more c56. when they come home. When people visit other countries, they discover different ways people live. This results in more ways of thinking and better problem solving.
Some studies show that people do not sleep well until day two or three of their vacation. After day two or day three, they sleep well for the w57. vacation. They also sleep well for one week after the vacation. A long vacation means better sleep for more days.
Traveling on vacation can be stressful. It takes time and money to travel. If you have a long vacation, you get more days of relaxation for your days of travel stress.
If there is a problem at work during your vacation, your coworkers (同事) are more likely to take care of the problem. They are not likely to wait for you. The result? You have l58. work when you come back. The benefits of short vacations:
Studies discovered that people enjoy p59. their vacation as much as they enjoy taking the vacation. If you decide to take your short vacations a year, you can experience the fun of making arrangements for four different times.
Many people do not call the office during a short vacation. People on long vacations are more likely to check email and worry about work. For example, France has the highest number of vacation days (an average of 30 days a year). It a60. has the highest number of people (93%) who check their work email.
Vacations improve our a61. to our lives, our families, and ourselves. When we get back to work, we quickly forget all those positive (积极的) feelings. Taking several short a year helps you feel positive about your life more often.
We are busy all the time. It is difficult to find a complete week when everyone can go on vacation. A short vacation is easier to fit in to our busy s62. . The busier we are, the more important it is to connect with friends and family on vacation.

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