Once upon a time, there lived a man and a woman who already had seven sons. They wanted a d 56., and

 Once upon a time, there lived a man and a woman who already had seven sons. They wanted a d 56., and soon they had one. One day, the father needed water for the baby girl, so he sent the seven brothers to a well with a water jug. Once there, though, the boys began to fight and the jug fell into the well.
The boys were too a57.to go home. They looked into the well sadly and thought of their father. “Where are those naughty boys? Hours have passed. They must have forgotten about the water. I wish they were all turned into birds!” shouted the father a 58.. And when he looked up he saw seven birds flying away. The father was shocked, but it was too late. He could not take back his words.
In time, the girl grew up and discovered she had brothers. She made up her mind to find them.
For years, she searched and did not stop. Finally, she found their home. To e59., she needed a special key made from a wolf-bone, which she didn’t have. With a hunter’s help, she finally killed one and got the key. She opened the front door and went inside. On a table, there were seven plates and seven cups. She was not that hungry so she ate and drank a 160.from each of them.
In the last cup, she accidentally dropped a ring that her parents had given her.
Eventually, the birds returned for their meal. The girl h61. behind the door and watched. When the seventh bird drank from his cup, something hit his mouth. The bird recognized it immediately. It was his parents' ring. “I hope our young sister could be here,” he said, “and then we could be free.” At that moment, their sister ran to them, and in a sudden the birds were h62. again. The brothers kissed their sister, and all eight of them went home together.

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