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4. 引导状语从句的从属连词
(1) 时间状语从句的引导词
连词 词义 例句
when 当……时 When I arrived there, Ann was waiting for me.
while 当……时 While/When I was painting, I heard a strange noise.
as 当……时,随着 As time passed, things seemed to get better.
until/till 直到…… I shall wait until/till you come back.
since 自从 I haven't played football since I left university.
before 在……之前 Remember to turn off the lights before you go.
after 在……之后 Could you give the e-dictionary to David after you use it?
as soon as 一……就…… Henry will give us a report as soon as he arrives.
【经典例题15】(2019辽宁葫芦岛) The football fans cheered __________ they heard the exciting news.
A. even though         B. in order that        C. as soon as         D. as long as
【解析】考查时间状语从句。句意:足球迷们一听到这个令人兴奋的消息就欢呼起来。even though意为:尽管;in order that意为:为了;as soon as意为:一……就……;as long as意为:只要。根据句意可知,选C。
【经典例题16】(2019海南) We didn't cut the cake__________ Amy made a wish.
A. because              B. until             C. if
(2) 条件状语从句的引导词
连词 词义 例句
if 如果 We'll stay at home if it rains.
unless 除非,如果不 You can't win unless you work hard.
as long as 只要 I'll give it to you as long as you promise to use it properly.
【经典例题17】(2019安徽) Our business won’t improve ____________ we offer better service to our customers.
A. because            B. unless             C. after             D. since
【解析】 考查时间状语从句。句意:如果我们不为顾客提供更好的服务,我们的生意就不会好转。because意为:因为,引导原因状语从句;unless意为:除非,引导条件状语从句;after意为:在…之后,引导时间状语从句;since意为:自从,引导时间状语从句。根据主句与从句之间的关系可知,从句表示业务提升的条件,选B。
(3) 目的状语从句的引导词
连词 词义 例句
in order that 为了,以便 I started early in order that I could arrive before dark.
so that 为的是,以便 You'd better take a map with you so that you won't get lost.
【经典例题18】(2019广东) We should take care of the earth ____ we can make a better world to live in.
A. so that             B. until             C. even if             D. while
【解析】考查时间状语从句。句意:我们应该关爱地球,为了我们能创造一个更美好的世界。so that意为:为了; until意为:直到;even if意为:即使; while意为:当……时候;根据We should take care of the earth 和we can make a better world to live in之间的关系可知,此处表目的,选A。
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