A: Hello, Mary. B: Hello, Tom. It is so nice to see you here.

Passage 3(2020 •黔南州)
VII. 补全对话。根据对话内容,从选项中选出最佳选项。每个选项只能选用一次,注意其中有两项为多余选项。


A: Hello, Mary.
B: Hello, Tom. It is so nice to see you here.
A: Me too. ___46___
B: I am going home .I just came back from an exhibition.
A: ___47___ An what?
B: An exhibition. To be exact, a fine art exhibition (展览).
A: Really? ___48___
B: Yeah, pretty good, I should say.
A: ___49___
B: A lot of traditional Chinese paper cuttings.
A: I am also interested in paper cuttings. ___50___
B: Yes, it is still open on Saturday.
A: Many thanks.
B: You are welcome, and enjoy yourself there.
A: Thank you, May! I'll be there on Saturday.
A. When did you see that?
B. Where are you going?
C. Does it work on Sunday?
D. What did you see there?
E. Is it still open this Saturday?
F. Is it really very good?
G. I beg your pardon?
答案】46. B    47. G    48. F    49. D    50. E
46.B【解析】句意:——你要去哪里?——我打算回家。根据下面的回答“I am going home”可知,Tom问Mary要去哪里,B选项符合语境,故选B。
根据空后“An what”以及答语“An exhibition”可知,Tom没有听清楚Mary的话,请求她再说一遍。故选G。
48.F【解析】句意:——它真的很好吗?——是的,我得说相当好。根据下面的回答“Yeah, pretty good, I should say”可知,这里Tom问Mary那个展览是不是真的很好,F选项符合语境,故选F。
49.D【解析】句意:——你在那儿都看到了什么?——很多中国传统的剪纸。根据下面的回答“A lot of traditional Chinese paper cuttings.”可知,这里Tom问Mary在展览上都看到了什么。故选D。
50.E【解析】句意:——这个星期六它还开放吗?——是的,星期六它仍然开放。根据下面的回答“Yes, it is still open on Saturday.”可知,这里Tom问Mary这个展览在这个星期六是否还会开放,E选项符合语境,故选E。

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