It was too late at night when an old man came to a small town. He found a small hotel and wanted to

It was too late at night when an old man came to a small town. He found a small hotel and wanted to stay there for the night. After he went into his room, the owner said to his wife, “Look at his bag, there must be much money in it. Let's take it away when he is asleep, shall we?”
“No, no.” said the woman, “He must look for his bag tomorrow morning. If he can' t find it, he'll telephone the police. "They thought for a few minutes. Then the woman had an idea, “We have forgetful grass. Why not put some into his food? If he has the food, he will forget to take his bag away. “The old man had the food with the forgetful grass and went to bed. The next morning, when the owner got up, he found the door open, and the man had left with the bag. He was angry and woke his wife up, "What a fool! Your forgetful grass isn't useful at all.”
“No, I don't think so He must forget something.” she said. “Oh! I remember now!”cried out the man suddenly, “He forgot to pay for the night.”
Fill in the blanks according to the passage. Only one word for each blank.
From the story we know the owner of the hotel wanted to  41.the old man's bag when he slept. But his wife 42.with him, and she  43.up with a good idea that they put some forgetful grass into the food  44.that the old man would forget his bag. The forgetful grass worked. The old man really forgot something-he didn’t pay for the night.

41.steal句意:从故事中我们知道当老人睡觉时旅馆的主人想偷东西他人的包。考查动词不定式。want to do sth.意思是"想要做某事" ,在不定式符号to后面用动词原形。根据所给原文"Look at his bag, there must be much money in it. Let's take it away when he is asleep, shall we?"可知,看他的包,里面一定有很多钱,我们等他睡着时把它拿走吧,好吗?他们想要偷老人的包.故答案为steal。
42.disagreed句意:但是他的妻子不同意他的意见,她想出了一个好主意,他们在食物里放了一些健忘的草,这样老人就会忘记他的包。考查一般过去时。disagree with sb.意思是"不同意某人"。根据所给原文""No, no." said the woman"可知,"不,不。"女人说。.店主的妻子不同意。这是过去的动作,要用一般过去时。故答案为disagreed。
43.came句意:但是他的妻子不同意他的意见,她想出了一个好主意,他们在食物里放了一些健忘的草,这样老人就会忘记他的钱包。考查一般过去时。come up with意思是"想出".根据所给原文"Then the woman had an idea,"可知,然后那个女人有了个主意,也就是说,店主的妻子想出了个办法。这是过去的动作,要用一般过去时。故答案为came。
44.so句意:但是他的妻子不同意他的意见,她想出了一个好主意,他们在食物里放了一些健忘的草,这样老人就会忘记他的钱包。考查固定短语。so that意思是"以便于,为了",引导目的状语和结果状语从句。根据所给原文" If he has the food, he will forget to take his bag away"可知,如果他吃了食物,他就会忘记把他的包拿走。让老人吃东西目的是让老人忘记拿包。要用固定短语so that.故答案为so。
45.remember句意:老人真的忘了一些事----他不记得要去付这一晚的过夜费钱。考查助动词后面用动词原形。根据所给原文"He forgot to pay for the night"可知,他忘了付住宿费了。forgot的同义表达方式就是didn't remember.在助动词后面用动词原形;故答案为remember。
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