Match the information according to what you read. ___46___ My dream is to be on the Olympic team for

Passage 5(2020 •牡丹江、鸡西地区)
Match the information according to what you read.
___46___ My dream is to be on the Olympic team for swimming. My dad thinks I started too late and I'll never be make it. What shall I do.
___47___ What should I do if I fail a test. I'm afraid to tell my mother because she might get angry with me and I can't play soccer.
___48___ I'm good at all subjects except English. I can't remember words well. And I am weak in speaking and listening. What should I do?
___49___ I just came to a new school and I'm kind of shy, so how do I make new friends?
___50___ Whatever I do, I always think about if other people will like. How can I stop worrying about what they think?
A You should tell your dad about your dreams and that you work really hard. It might happen even though you start late.
B. In your new school, just go over to someone who looks friendly and talk with him or her. You can ask that person about your teacher or the other kids in your class.
C. When you fail a test, it's better to tell your mom the truth than for her to find out another way. Ask her if she can help you study in the future.
D. You'd better not tell your mother or anyone else about it. I think you can work while you work, play while you play.
E. It's a good way to join an English language club to practice speaking English. And you can make a vocabulary list too.
F. Just be yourself and try not to care about what others think. The more you think about it, the worse you will feel. Just relax.
G. You shouldn't tell your friends. And you should deal with it by yourself.
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