[1] In today's world, the most successful companies are the ones who understand how importan

Passage 23(2019 •泰安市)
    [1] In today's world, the most successful companies are the ones who understand how important it is to make contacts(联系)around the world. However, doing business in different countries isn't simple. It is important to know the local customs and traditions of the people you are dealing with, which is the best way to impress(使…印象深刻)your hosts.
[2] One example that comes to mind is of a German company that has recently tried to gain (获得)a new contract in South Korea. The German visitors arrived at the Korean company's office early in the morning and spent the whole day in long meetings. By the evening, the Germans were so tired that they politely turned down the Korean's invitation to go out for dinner and drinks, since they wanted to return to their hotel and get some rest. The Germans did not understand that in South Korea business talks often continue into the evening. The Germans only came to realize that they offended(冒犯)their hosts after they had lost the contract.     
[3] In Europe or the USA, business is seldom discussed into the evening. However, it is important to be on time for a meeting. If you are (4) ①_____46_____, your hosts may think you do not care. In fact, it is better to arrive at least ten minutes before the meeting starts. This way, you can show how keen(强烈的) you are to do business with them. (75)You will also have time to talk with your hosts before you sit down to discuss business.
     [4] However, in many countries meetings may not start on time. There are many (4)②_____47_____for this, such as transport difficulties, unusual weather and the breakdown of cars.
Sometimes the time of day is also important. In South America and many countries in southern Europe, people have a short sleep after lunch. Therefore, if you try to arrange(安排) a meeting for
the early afternoon, you may find that not many people will (4) ③____48____, or that your hosts will be unhappy.
46. According to Paragraph 2, why did the Germans politely refuse the Korean's invitation to go out for dinner and drinks? (No more than 15 words)
47. What's the tradition of business talks in South Korea? (No more than 10 words)
48. Where is it common for people to have a short sleep after lunch according to Paragraph 4? (No more than 10 words)
49. Fill in each blank in the passage with a proper word.
①____________ ②______________     ③ ____________
50. Translate the underlined sentence in the third paragraph into Chinese.
51. According to the passage, what should we pay attention to if we want to do business in different countries? Why? (No more than 25 words)
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