In the eyes of many foreigners, Chinese are the best hosts(主人)and the worst guests in the world. The

Passage 35(2018河北)
In the eyes of many foreigners, Chinese are the best hosts(主人)and the worst guests in the world. They're not really bad guests, but because the guest­host relationship in China is much different than in some western countries, it appears they are not nice guests. And western hosts sometimes look rude(粗鲁的)in the eyes of Chinese guests.
   In China, guests are almost like gods. Whenever I enter a Chinese person's home, there is always fruit on the table for me, and someone is quick to bring me a cup of tea or water. In the west, generally the guest is not a god. Acting according to the host's way of doing things is usual behavior for a guest.
    My wife's mother, a very kind elderly Chinese lady, doesn't smoke. When I see some of her guests smoking in her house, as a non­smoker, I feel unhappy. Usually I want to stop them directly, but I must realize that in China, to be a good host, she must not do that. In most North American homes, if you are a guest, and the hosts are not smokers, you should not smoke in their house. At the very least, you could ask, “Is it OK if I smoke?” But, don't be surprised if they say, “No, you can't smoke.” In our culture, if you smoke in their home, you are a bad guest, but if they do not allow you to smoke in their house, they are not a rude host.
   Guests in China also have special habits. Some western people may not adapt_to these habits very soon. Thankfully my wife is Chinese, so whenever we visit a Chinese family she tells me to buy them a gift. However, giving a gift to a host is not always necessary in my country. So, if you invite international guests to your house, don't be too surprised if they don't bring you a gift.
    In China, you probably won't need to change the guest­host relationship very much because you will probably only be the host, and Chinese are naturally very good hosts. If western hosts invite you to their house, try not to be too surprised if their style of treating you is not what you have expected.
(  )1. Many foreigners think that Chinese hosts are the________ in the world.
A. best  B. worst  
C. most natural  D. most different
(  )2. When a western guest visits a Chinese family, he often________.
A. buys some fruit  B. feels like a god
C. wants some gifts  D. takes a cup of tea
(  )3. If the writer's guests want to smoke in his house, what will he probably say?
A. It's OK if you smoke here.  
B. Let's smoke together.
C. Sorry, you can't smoke here.  
D. Smoking is a bad habit.
(  )4. What is the meaning of the underlined phrase “adapt to” in the passage?
A. think back to  B. get used to  
C. look forward to  D. keep close to
(  )5. What is the main idea of this passage?
A. Foreigners should learn from Chinese.
B. Hosts must do things in the guests' way.
C. Western hosts are always nice to guests.
D. People should understand cultural differences.
1 A【解析】细节理解题。题干意为:许多外国人认为中国主人是世界上。根据文中第一段第一句“In the eyes of many foreigners, Chinese are the best hosts(主人)...可知选项A与之相符。故选 A。
2 B【解析】细节理解题。题干意为:当一名外国客人拜访中国家庭的时候,他经常。根据文中第二段第一句“In China, guests are almost like gods.”可知选项B与之相符。故选B。
3 C【解析】推理判断题。题干意为:如果作者的客人想要在他的房子里吸烟,他可能会说什么? 根据文中第三段倒数第二句“But, don't be surprised if they say,‘No, you can't smoke.’”由此可知选项C与之相符。故选C。
4 B【解析】短语猜测题。题干意为:文中划线短语“adapt to”的意思是什么?联系上句中国的客人也有特殊的习惯,可知本句阐明了一些西方人可能不能很快适应这些习惯,四个选项中,只有B项与之相符,故选B。
5 D【解析】主旨大意题。题干意为:这篇文章的主旨大意是什么?分析整篇文章可知,通过列举实例介绍了中外待人接物的不同文化,告诉我们应该多了解不同国家之间的不同文化。故选D。 
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