LegalShield is the alternative way of working with a lawyer/law firm. We have been offering prepaid

LegalShield is the alternative way of working with a lawyer/law firm. We have been offering prepaid legal plans to consumers for over 47 years. One low monthly price with no long-term commitments provides legal coverage for you and your entire family.
The truth is that most lawyers charge hundreds per hour for their services. It takes time and effort to find the right one, and when you do, they’re always busy, hard to access and charging for every second of your time (even on email). You can stop watching the clock and start speaking to a lawyer with a prepaid legal plan from LegalShield for only $24.95 per month.
With a LegalShield protection plan, you only have to pay a small monthly fee in exchange for round-the-clock legal protection. When you have a legal issue, need help with a contract, or just want advice, our lawyers are just a call or click away.

Step 1: Enroll & Download
Enroll in your LegalShield plan. Once a member, you’ll be instantly matched with a premier local law firm that meets your unique legal needs. Then, download our app, and access all our legal resources anytime, right from your phone.
Step 2: Use the App for All Your Legal Needs
Open up the App anytime a legal need or question arises. Whether it’s an emergency or just a proactive plan for the future, the App is your place to address it.
●Download free legal forms and contracts
●Ask a legal question
●Complete your will or estate plan
●Access prenuptial agreements, divorce papers and more
●Upload a speeding ticket
●Contact your law firm
You can also view your exclusive member perks and discounts on the App, so be sure to check this area regularly.

Step 3: Get Legal Help When You Need It
If you ever need emergency help, your App can connect you with legal assistance anytime, day or night. With the App, you always have legal counsel ready and waiting — right in your back pocket.

21.What do we know about LegalShield?
A.It serves people over 47 years old.
B.It offers 24-hour legal protection.
C.It protects you from having trouble.
D.It provides better post-paid service.
22.What’s the advantage of LegalShield compared to most lawyers?
A.It’s more money-saving and convenient.
B.It’s more professional and time efficient.
C.It’s more accessible in all conditions.
D.It can answer more questions over the phone.
23.Being a member of LegalShield, by checking their App often, you may    .
A.get extra service for free for their service by hour less than $24.95 per month for service
D.get the help from the best lawyers nationwide

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