Going to bed in one major city and waking up in another; toasting the landscape as a new country sli

Going to bed in one major city and waking up in another; toasting the landscape as a new country slips past; being rocked to sleep as you rattle across a continent. It's no wonder that the night trains of Europe have been a byword(代名词)for romance.
In fact, over the past decade, much of Europe’s night train network has been cut. For many, it seemed the end of the line was near. But recently there has been a recovery of night trains across Europe. On December 8th 2020, four national rail providers teamed up to announce new routes between 13 European cities.
“You leave work at a usual time, have dinner, make your way to the station, get on the train, and wake up in the place you want to be. There’s no turning up at the airport at a very strange hour, as you do for a budget flight.” says Monisha Rajesh, author of “Around the World in 80 Trains.”
In fact, “flight shaming” has been sweeping across Europe in the past few years. In 2018, domestic flights were down 9% in Sweden.
The Covid-19 pandemic has helped, too. Trains are easier to social-distance on, says Rajesh. And night trains—where you can book an entire compartment(分隔厢)to yourself—are even better.
Europe’s geography also helps the argument for night trains, says Nicolas Forien, a member of Back on Track, who points out that half the flights leaving France are either internal, or going to a neighboring country. “The distance between European capitals is mostly ideal for night trains. The continent could be a night-train paradise.”
24. What does the author say about the night trains of Europe?
   A. They run at a high speed.
   B. They were popular among Europeans.
   C. They experienced a down a century ago.
   D. They bring passengers a sense of romance.
25. What does the underlined word “budget” in paragraph 3 mean?
   A. long.      B. cheap.      C. short.      D. expensive.
26. As for the writer, which of the following has contributed to the recovery of Europe’s night trains?
   ①flight shaming       ②the Covid-19 pandemic       ③the internal budget flight
④Europe’ s geography  ⑤ the tourism boom
A. ①②⑤     B. ②③④      C. ①②④     D. ②④⑤
27. What can be a suitable title for the text?
   A. Why Europeans choose to travel by night trains
B. How Europe’s night trains come back from the dead
C. When Europeans start taking an interest in night trains
   D. Whether the network of Europe’s night train has been cut
24-27 DBCB

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