Chinese New Year is a celebration marking the end of the winter season and the beginning of spring.

Chinese New Year is a celebration marking the end of the winter season and the beginning of spring. This is why decorating with plants, fruits and blooming flowers carries special significance. They represent the earth coming back to life and wishes for new beginnings. Here are some of the most popular and their special meanings:
Orange trees are more than decoration; they are a symbol of good fortune and wealth. They make great gifts and you see them many times decorated with red envelopes and messages of good fortune. The fruits are also some of the “lucky” foods, which are a must during the celebrations.
Chinese love their “Lucky Bamboo” plants and you will see them often in their homes and offices. Certainly during the holiday period, this plant is a must. Bamboo plants and stems are used frequently in fengshui and are associated with health, abundance and a happy home. They are easy to care for and make great presents.
Branches of Plum Blossoms(梅花)
The beautiful long branches covered with pink-colored buds(蓓蕾)make fantastic decorations. The plum trees are the first to flower even as snow is melting after a cold winter. They represent the promise of spring and a renewal of life.
Peonies represent prosperity and peace and are considered as China’s national flower; they are often a subject of classical paintings. The peony is also known as the “king of flowers” and represents royalty, virtue and honor. Its name in Chinese is literally translated as “most beautiful”.
Narcissus flower right around Chinese New Year and are considered as a symbol of luck and wealth. Their sweet fragrance(芳香) is also highly respected in Chinese culture.
21. If you are not good at growing plants, which will you probably choose?
  A. Bamboo.      B. Plum blossoms.       C. Peonies.      D. Narcissus.
22. What is special about Peonies?
  A. Oil painters prefer painting it.
  B. Its plants are usually used in fengshui.
  C. It bears fruits considered as lucky food.
  D. Its Chinese name means “most beautiful”.
23. In which section may this text appear?
  A. Entertainment.    B. Health.      C. Culture.      D. Science.
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