While 2020 was upsetting, we shouldn’t completely ignore the lessons it taught us about how we prefe

第二节(共5小题: 每小题2.5分,满分12.5分)
While 2020 was upsetting, we shouldn’t completely ignore the lessons it taught us about how we prefer to work. Here’s what you should focus on to be happy and sustainable(可持续的) professionally in the new year.
A.Think big, plan small. It’s fine to think big for what you want to achieve in the new year, but break the goal into smaller steps. Once you take a small step and achieve it, it is a motivator.     36   For instance: lead two new projects, bring in X-number of new clients by the end of the second quarter, take a leadership class and join an employee resource group.
B.Find an adviser. An advisor can provide insight, make connections and offer a dose of confidence when things get tough. It doesn’t have to be someone you know.   37  Once you’ve identified the person, invite them to have a conversation where you tell why you chose them, what you are looking for and what work you plan to do in the relationship.
C.Learn a new skill.   38   There are many online courses available that can help with career progress, whether it’s learning a hard skill, like enhancing your programming language abilities, or improving a soft skill, like effective communication.
D.  39  Taking charge is a big part of proving you’re promotion material. But that can be hard to do and when you aren’t in a managerial position. The key to showing leadership is being proactive. You can raise your hand and look for opportunities and ways to make contributions rather than be told what to do. You can also reach out to team members to see what support they need and proactively solve problems.   40  

A. Become a leader.
B. Expand your professional network.
C. And that can quickly lead to professional burnout.
D. Showing your problem-solving skills demonstrates leadership.
E. So if your goal is to get a promotion, plan out your road map to a new title.
F. Learning a new skill can be re-energizing, not to mention a good boost to the resume.
G. Determine what you want to accomplish and think who is the person that has done this.

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