Old John has worked as a school keeper in Hill Ford School. After walking into the school building

 Old John has worked as a school keeper in Hill Ford School. After walking into the school building every day, he cleans rubbish bins and bathrooms.
Last Friday, after he arrived at the school, instead of finding rubbish to clean up, he found almost 500 students lining in the hallway(大厅) with handmade cards and singing a happy birthday song to him. It was his 80th birthday. As he walked the long hallway, someone rushed to him and gave him a hug. They handed him so many cards as well and the cards filled several large boxes. Old John was touched by their expression of affection(关爱). He thanked them all. “It’s the sixteenth year in this school. They’re like my children.” Old John said.
On a regular day, students sometimes come up to find him and say they’re not feeling well or other times to tell him about something that happened at break time. He knows most of the students at the school, but can’t name each one. Some of them make him know them. Like Faith, who often leaves her school bag in the canteen, and Lucy, who just wants a hug.
Carrie, a reading teacher said,“He won’t brag(夸耀) on himself, but it doesn’t matter what he’s doing or where he is, he will stop what he’s doing at any time to give all his attention and take care of a child if that child is having a bad day. ”
He works circles around all the students, cleaning up the mess others don’t want to touch. He doesn’t expect a lot. Old John said he hadn’t planned to do much for his birthday, so he was touched as the students had prepared the surprise celebration.
Over the weekend, he worked through the handmade cards at his house. One card from a student stood out to him. It read “Old John, you are the most loved one in our school...”
63.Old John works as a teacher in the school, doesn’t he?
64.How long has Old John worked in the Hill Ford School?
65.What did the students do to celebrate Old John’s 80th birthday?
66.How did Old John feel when he received so many birthday cards?
67.What does a child get from Old John if the child is having a bad day?
68.Why is Old John considered the most loved one in the school? (No more than 15 words)
63.No, he doesn’t.
64.(For) 16 years.
65.They sent cards/ sang birthday songs/ hugged him.
66.He felt(was) touched/ moved /excited.
67.His attention and care.
68.He cares for students and takes his work seriously. / He is hardworking and kind.

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