As long as everyone contributes a little, the world 吐 ll become a much better place.

15.2018年浙江宁波中考As long as everyone contributes a little, the world 吐 ll become a much better place.
Most people are kind-hearted and want to lend a helping hand. Now let's share some memorable moments.
Linda: Once, when I was on my way back to my hometown, I lost my purse without even knowing it. I was told over the train’s loudspeaker that my purse was at the railway station's lost and found office. But the train had already started. Seeing my helplessness, a kind hostess offered to lend me some money. I went back to the railway station and got my purse. I am still thankful to the railway staff and the person who found my purse.
Scott: When I was a little boy, there was a time when I went to fish with my elder sister. All of a sudden, I slipped into the river. The next thing I remember is my father holding me in the hospital. Today I still don’t know who got me out of that river. I have been trying to help other people whenever I can all these years.
Tina: One of my neighbors is an old man who cannot speak. He makes money by recycling waste. Our other neighbors don't like his behavior. But in my opinion, it's his way to support his family. Once, after cleaning my house, I placed some cardboard boxes in his garden and left my rubbish beside my door. However, when I was about to go out, I found nothing outside my door but a note: "I have thrown away your rubbish. You are a nice girl. Thanks a lot!"
16. According to the passage above, we know that     
A. the hostess found Linda's purse
B. Linda knew where she lost her purse
C. Scott still doesn't know who got him out of the river
D. some cardboard boxes were stolen by Tina's neighbor
17. The writer is trying to tell us the value of         
A. health
B. kindness
C. money
D. safety
18. The passage above is probably a     .
A. report
B. diary
C. novel
D. letter
答案】16. C    17. B    18. A
16. 句意:根据上面的段落,我们知道:斯科特仍然不知道是谁把他从河里捞出来的。A.女主人找到了琳达的钱包B.琳达知道她在哪里丢了钱包C.斯科特仍然不知道是谁把他从河里捞出来的D.一些纸箱被蒂娜的邻居偷走了。原文“Today I still don’t know who got me out of that river.”(今天,我仍然不知道是谁把我从那条河里捞出来的。),故选C。
18. 句意:上面的这篇文章可能是一份报告。A.报告B.日记C.小说D.信。这篇文章是由3个小故事结合而成的,并且在开头简单说明了文章的主题,题材应该不是日记、小说或信件,可以是一份报告。故选A。

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